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Thinking about landscaping? Invest in your dreams with financing – it will improve your property value and save you money.

Financing Landscaping in New Mexico ...

Financing your dream outdoor environment is not only possible, but it also makes sense. Homeowners are putting more and more money into improving their outdoor space with landscaping &ndah; and for good reason. An investment in landscaping has the potential to return 100% to 200% when your home is sold, according to Money Magazine and HomeStore.com.

The Wall Street Journal reported that attractive landscaping increases the value of a home by an average of 7.5% and reduces its time on the market by five to six weeks. Proper landscaping can also reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as drown out unwanted noise. With interior construction costing $100 to $300 per square foot, well designed and professionally installed landscaping can create separate, functional outdoor living spaces – rooms without walls – for a fraction of the price. For these reasons, and many more, landscaping has gone from a nice lawn and some pretty flowers to an integral part of not only how your house looks, but also how it is used and enjoyed.

This is why many lending companies are allowing homebuyers to include the landscaping costs into their mortgage. Additionally, it makes a lot of sense for current homeowners to take cash out of a refinance or home equity loan for any major outdoor living project installed after closing.

By financing the landscaping project, the homeowner only pays for the time that they actually use and enjoy their custom outdoor living environment. When it comes time to sell their home, the appreciation of the area, as well as the value added by the unique landscaping, will usually make up for the balance of the landscaping project's cost. Additionally, financing allows the homeowner to retain the bulk of their cash for other uses and security.

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